tscap32 Delphi Video Capture Component

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tscap32 is a Delphi component used to capture video streams.

The tscap32 Component - Disconnected

With tscap32, you are able to

- watch a live video source

- capture videos

- capture still images (snapshots)

Basically, it wraps Microsoft's Video For Windows API. It gives the Delphi programmer an easy-to-use, feature-rich tool to handle video input.

The tscap32 Component - Connected to a (cheap) webcam


This component was developed originally for medical purposes and was used in a range of medical applications. It's code is proven and stable.

For some time I sold the tscap32 component as shareware. But at some point I found I couldn't give the support I wanted to give. For instance, I couldn't purchase every single release of Borland Delphi just to provide a precompiled component for that release. Also, I would like to see the component ported to the maybe Kylix and the C++ Builder.

So I decided to go Open Source. The component brought enough money in over time, and publishing the source code will give users the possibility to compile and port the code as they see fit. It gives you - the user - safety: The source code is there in your hands, independent on whether I'm there to buy the latest Delphi release or not.

Basically, I hope with going Open Source the tscap32 component will live on and prosper, maybe long after I'm personally finished with the project. As it is said in "The Cathedral & The Bazaar": it's important to know when to let go...

A number of people helped me over time, and I really wish to thank them.


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