tscap32 Delphi Video Capture Component

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(Note. the reason the video input looks that cr...y is the very very cheap webcam I used - the quality of your video input depends entirely on your hardware.)

The tscap32 component in action. Notice that the component is fully functional in design mode, so you play around with it using the Object Inspector, watch and record video input while still designing your program.

Watch and record video input while designing your program.



Its up to you: fit the video input into the component - in which case you see distortions - or let it retain the original proportions:

unproportional scaling

proportional scaling



The impressing, ten-mile-long list of all the options in the Object Inspector :-)

Object Inspector View



The component contains a number of prewritten dialogs to get you up to speed quickly. Also, the driver dialogs are easily accessible.

built-in and driver dialogs



A special popup component can be used to create a popup menu for the component, which gives you basic commands at hand.

ready-to-use popup menu component

ready-to-use popup menu component




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